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A New Website for You to Learn Hebrew for Free And to Help You Stay Updated with Israel News That Make Sense

I am going to miss you if you won’t act now!hebrew-english-dictionary-translation

Have you noticed that I have recently moved from my old blog to a brand new website?

If you haven’t already subscribed for the new website’s free course and bi-weekly news from Israel, I am surely going to miss you.

The new website is called IsraelHebrew, where I have combined learning Hebrew and Israeli recent news together to fit the needs of those who want to learn conversational Hebrew and at the same time are interested in Israeli politics.

I am doing my best to migrate all my subscribers here to the new website, but I am afraid some are going to be missing out.

Subscribe now for free and stay informed, updated and motivated.



Welcome to my humble Hebrew English Dictionary site.

I am a university student who is taking Hebrew Literature, Jewish History, Israeli Sociology and Israeli Press.

I want to build a special Hebrew-English dictionary that is somehow exceptional. I want to use audio, video, picture, text and above all, NEWS, to show you around phrases and words that you probably want to know in Hebrew.

Feel free to go around this site and explore some of the data that might help you big time learning Hebrew today. And feel free to leave comments and criticize me whenever you feel I need it.

Hey : I am excited to let you know that this site has moved to our new location

Hebrew English Dictionary

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