Conversational Hebrew

Conversational Hebrew Interactive Course

Conversational HebrewLearn conversational Hebrew with the new friends Eliad and Adam, as they travel all across Israel. Meeting new people, finding out more about the Israeli and the Jewish culture.

This is a series of hundreds of lessons with new vocabulary, cultural tips, travel information, religious guidance and much more. The first lesson just came out. Adam and Eliad get to know each other, this is their first meeting.

In this first lesson you will learn:

  1. How to greet someone in Hebrew.
  2. How to ask someone how they are, and how to respond to that.
  3. How to ask someone about their name.

As you see, this first lesson is aimed to the absolute beginner, you are not expected to know anything in Hebrew.

And the Hebrew lesson is accompanied by exercises and drills. Plus a great worksheet for you to memorize the new Hebrew words that you just learned.

Enjoy the free lesson and let me know where you want Adam and Eliad to go in Israel. This is a completely interactive course. You can control the story whenever you want, I will write it just to satisfy your imagination and lingual needs.

Click here to view the lesson.

To download a printable version of the lesson (PDF), please right click here and choose “save link as”

Happy learning



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