Hebrew Pronouns

Hebrew PronounsDo you enjoy talking about yourself as much as I do? We people love to express ourselves, tell people what we like and what we don’t. For that, we usually use the first-person pronoun “I”. However, at some point or the other, we have to talk about other people or things. In all cases, you need pronouns, and what is more beautiful than the Hebrew pronouns?

Pronouns in Hebrew are very easy to memorize, but as usual, the gender issue arises again. Hebrew pronouns show gender more than English pronouns do.

In English for example, we can say “you” and it means a whole bunch of things, it could be meant for a singular feminine, plural feminine, singular masculine, plural masculine, it could even address your computer when it drives you insane and you scream at it “COME ON! HOW DARE YOU LOSE ALL MY UNSAVED WORK?”. Legitimate question, I have to admit.

BUT, in Hebrew, you would have to consider gender and number when you are addressing someone, a man, a woman, a group of men, a group of women etc.

Let’s get right into the point…


The Hebrew pronoun for “I” or “I am” is the same for male and female speakers. It is simply:

ani – אני

Check out how it is pronounced in Hebrew, I have recorded it here for you:


We in Hebrew “or we are” come in one form, for masculine and feminine:

anachnu – אנחנו


Singular second person:

When talking to a man (or a male, generally), you say:

ata – אתה

But when you address a woman (or a female), you should say

at – את

Plural second person(s):

When talking to a group of men, you say:

atem – אתם

When you talk to a group of women, you say:

aten- אתן


“He” in Hebrew is very easy, it is simply:

Hu – הוא


“She” in Hebrew is also an easy one, it is:

Hee – היא



Hem – הם


Hen – הן

Very soon, in the flashcards and worksheets section I am building, I am going to add flashcards and worksheets for you to memorize these Hebrew pronouns with. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe for free before leaving the site.

By the way, do you have a Hebrew keyboard? I have made my own keyboard without purchasing a new keyboard nor stickers. Click here to make your own Hebrew keyboard.



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